Keith Murray: People Are Hating, My Loss to Fredro Wasn't Bad


0 - Keith Murray came to chop it up with VladTV after his disastrous performance in his battle against Fredro Starr and spoke on the dysfunction of the event, the negative statements being made towards him by fans, and the new projects he has in the works.\n\nThe clip starts with the Long Island emcee speaking on how he felt the MC War event was unorganized. Besides him claiming that he and the event\'s host, Murda Mook were given two different directions for his introduction; Keith also stated how he waited in the venue for hours before being able to perform. He then went on to reiterate his desire for a rematch.\n\nAfter voicing his opinion that his loss in the ring does not take away from his legacy, the lyricist went on to issue a challenge to any emcee in the culture to battle. Murray then addressed the drama during and after the battle such as the pushing and shoving that occurred while on stage. The hip hop veteran explained that the tension on stage was due to his frustration with the microphone and the aggression of the referees who were officiating the match up, which led him to fight for his personal space.\n\nHe then spoke on the criticism he has been receiving, saying that he is not bothered by comments because his core fans knew he was under the influence and did not perform to his fullest potential.\n\nWatch the full clip above to hear when Keith Murray explaining the absence of the Def Squad at his battling debut and to also get the scoop on his documentary, The Beauty of It All, which is dropping soon.