Milan Christopher Discusses His Relationship w/ Ex-BF Miles


0 - Chicago-bred reality star Milan Christopher chopped it up with VladTV recently to discuss his background, his relationship with fellow L&HH star Miles and why the two ended up at odds. According to Milan, Miles (a.k.a. Siir Brock) is only on the show because of him, as Miles was casted to appear only as the friend of Hazel-E (a tidbit he said was "to his demise").\n\nWith them being Love and Hip-Hop\'s first openly gay couple, they\'ve received hate and allegations against them beyond belief. "...Once the show had released the casting information, people from all over California that knew him [Miles] just started pouring in my inbox, emailing me, finding my phone number [and] just telling me all types of stuff....," Milan told us. He then went on to talk about the rumor that Amber and Miles are cousins, which he denies is actually factual.\n\nThese days Milan and Miles are not together, and as recent as a couple of weeks back, the two even got into a physical altercation. "We did. it wasn\'t a rumor," he said with a laugh. Find out how Miles "took it to the next level" and more up top.