Ar-Ab Talks Pistol-Whipping Incident at Meek Mill's Video Shoot


0 - Over the past few months, Philly emcees have proven once again that the "City of Brotherly Love" isn\'t always so loving. Ar-Ab and Dark Lo made a diss track towards Meek Mill after the "R.I.C.O." rapper called out Ar-Ab at a New Jersey show, igniting a beef that could\'ve all been avoided in the first place.\n\nIn a separate incident, the two Philly natives recall the time "everybody ran" but them during one of Meek Mill\'s video shoots. "Every rapper from Philly was down there, so we went out there to hang out with the rappers and whatnot," Ar-Ab tells us regarding the video shoot where a man was pistol-whipped. "Then that little dumb stuff happened and it was like \'woah, what\'s going on?\'...I\'m not looking for no trouble, but I\'m definitely not running from it," he adds.\n\nHear more from the Ar-Ab and Dark Lo above.