Alonzo Williams Details Writing Book About Involvement with NWA


0 - World Class Wrecking Crew founder Alonzo Williams spoke to VladTV about his new book, Not Without Alonzo, which aims to tell his story about his involvement with NWA and West Coast hip-hop. Williams explained that a lot has been written about him over the years, and he wanted the opportunity to tell his side of the story. \n\nDuring the conversation Alonzo also shared stories about being the first DJ in Compton and one of the first on the West Coast, and he revealed that he was a DJ before the term "mobile DJ" was even coined. Another first Alonzo witnessed was the rise of Ice-T, whom he said was one of the first West Coast rappers to come out. He shared a story about Ice losing a battle against a seemingly unknown rapper named Disco Daddy, who signed a bad record deal that ultimately seemed to halt his career. Alonzo added that because of Disco Daddy\'s bad deal, Ice-T was able to move forward with his career and prosper. \n\nTo hear more from Alonzo, hit the above clip.