Slim Jesus: I Understand Bandz's Frustration Over Comparisons


0 - A lot has changed with Slim Jesus since our September interview, and we caught up with the Ohio emcee to speak about GMEBE Bandz\'s reaction to being compared to him, white rappers flooding his inbox, and more. \nWhen DJ Vlad spoke to Slim Jesus about GMEBE Bandz\'s saying that he didn\'t like being compared to the "Drill Time" rapper, Slim said he understood where he was coming from. After clearing up that there\'s no beef between them, the Midwest spitter added that there are a lot of rappers that feel a certain way about his sudden rise to fame. \n\nDuring the conversation Slim Jesus touched on his race being a reason why his "Drill Time" video went viral, and he admitted that he believes it had something to do with the allure. He also touched on white rappers in hip-hop, and when asked if he ever thought there would be a time when black rappers would be outnumbered, Slim Jesus was unsure. \n\nHe explained, "I don\'t personally imagining it happening, but if it did I don\'t think it would be a positive thing. I feel like the [black] roots should still be there." \n\nCheck out more of Slim Jesus\' interview above, including stories about white rappers flooding his inbox.