Adrien Broner: Young Thug Isn't Gay, We've Messed with the Same Women


0 - In our latest VladTV exclusive with Adrien Broner, the boxer covers every topic from battle rap to wearing women\'s shoes.\n\nYes, you read that right.\n"I wear women\'s red bottoms [Christian Louboutins] because I wear a six and a half. I got small feet," Broner admits while discussing Young Thug\'s fashion choices. The 26-year-old world champion even revealed him and Thugger have "messed with the same women before," so any more gay rumors should be put to rest.\n\nIn the beginning of the clip, Adrien Broner discusses his battle with fan favorite Murda Mook and why he feels he ultimately won. "I\'m 1-0 in the URL League," he states with a grin. "I f***ed him up. He know[s] that. He wasn\'t prepared, he thought I was joking because I told him wanted to battle him..." Broner then says Mook "had a few good lines but he wasn\'t fully prepared like he usually be so I kinda caught him off guard. I\'m [gonna] take my victory."\n\nPress play for more.